The lovely MC of this game is a 16-year-old junior transferring to a brand new school, but not just any old ordinary school. No, she’s transferring into the fancy private boarding school of Saint Sara Belle. Ever since she was a kid she’s dreamed of staying at a boarding school and she finally convinced her parents to let her attend, as long as she promised to get along with the other students. If it ends up being like her last school they’ll force her to come back home. And if that wasn’t enough for our poor MC, she also had to promise the school she’d take part in their after-school program.

SSB has been having trouble with most of the students joining a specific ‘clique’ and only interacting with others in that clique. To encourage students to get to know different types of people they formed diverse after-school groups that meet once in a while with a faculty member supervising. That seems like a pain, but it turns out that she was put into the group that’s known by the students as the ‘very special’ group which consists of a bunch of guys. What makes it special is that it’s much smaller than the others, with only six other members, and it’s supervised by the nurse instead of a teacher. And also because it consists entirely of the most frustrating, difficult, self-absorbed, obnoxious, unfriendable jerks this school has to offer. Apparently her reputation preceded her.


-Comedy, slice-of-life, cautiously optimistic endings

-T for crude humor, censored swearing, and suggestive dialog


  • A humorous and endearing jerk of an MC
  • Six equally, but uniquely, jerky main boyfriend options
  • Two sweet side boyfriend options
  • Custom and in-depth dating system
  • Officially start dating your guy of choice before the end of the game
  • The option to break up with your boyfriend and go for someone new
  • School Reputation management system
  • Mini-Games
  • Shopping and item system
  • Ways to lessen and outright skip gameplay and events you’ve dealt with before to make subsequent playthroughs easier
  • Decorate your MC with almost 30 accessories
  • Collage-style endings meaning nearly everything you do throughout the game gets acknowledged when it’s over
  • Blinking animations
  • Plus more


Status Display
Side Conversations
Clique and Minor Boyfriends
Main Boyfriends
Arranging Dates
Special Events