There are eight Minor Characters within the world of XOXO Droplets. Three are met within the school and five outside of the school. Two of the side characters from outside the school are boyfriend options, though they have significantly fewer events than the main six.


Nurse Lynn is, obviously, a school nurse at SSB. He’s also the supervisor for the ‘very special’ group. Lynn is far more optimistic about the success potential of his group than everybody else is, including the people in the group. He has the, perhaps misguided, idea that if he can just get the group to spend enough time around each other and learn more about one another they’ll be able to at least tolerate one another. You can’t fault his dedication at least; it certainly takes a whole lot of patience to put up with their antics.

Lynn has been going by his last name since middle school. When asked what his first name is he just jokes by saying its ‘Nurse’.


Alicia was the MC’s neighbor back when they were children until Alicia got sent off to a boarding school. As it so happens, she’s still there. After meeting Alicia again at SSB she offers to help the MC out by giving her info on what her groupmates think of her. Alicia’s favorite way to spend time is ‘people watching’ and the MC’s groupmates are, coincidentally, people she especially enjoys watching. So when something changes with them she’s able to tell. How convenient. And, if the MC needs it, Alicia is also willing to lend an ear when she wants someone to vent to. What a pal.

Alicia and the MC went by the nicknames ‘Button’ and ‘Jellybean’ as children. Alicia refers to the MC as ‘JB’ in reference to that.


Missy is a cheerleader at Saint Sara Belle. She has a great sense about people and even though she might come off as frivolous she’s been able to break down the abstract concept of being ‘popular’ into an exact formula. Information which she is generously willing to share with the MC. Missy was able to tell right away that the MC is someone worth getting to know, there’s just ‘something’ about her. So, if you’re ever wondering what your social standing is, feel free to give Missy a call.

Missy is currently dating a cool boy named Aspen, he also has blue hair. Despite being taken, she still enjoys talking about other cute boys.


Cala is a little girl who attends a local public elementary school. However, Cala also has her own business providing a unique service. Apparently, Cala is psychic and can use energy in the universe and your horoscope to improve your chances of running into your crush, friends, etc. She’ll fix up your luck if you give her a buck (and then a few more). Trademark pending. You’d think if someone was genuinely psychic they’d be famous or something, but despite that people insist it works for them so whatever.

When Cala isn’t in school or working, she’s normally downtown with her big bro and a pocket full of gullible teenager money to burn.


Trent is the manager of a local department store, though when it gets busy on the weekends he often helps out as a cashier. Trent started working at the store back when he was a high schooler and never left. Being in the customer service industry for so long has changed him. He chooses his words very carefully. That works much of the time but it can be extremely annoying to people who want to be spoken to like a normal person.

Whenever Trent needs to go out somewhere in town it’s always close enough for him to walk or bike, which is good since he doesn’t own a car. Despite that, if you don’t see him at work the only other place you’re likely to run into him is at a bus stop or on a bus. That’s because whenever he has free time he uses them to visit his boyfriend in the next city over.


Romeo is a college student working part-time on the weekend at a local bookstore. He’s attending a theatre and arts college with no single topic he’s focusing on. Romeo’s large size and over the top nature often scares children and makes women worry he’s some kind of creep. But he doesn’t mean any harm; he’s just bad at first impressions, and second ones, and so on. He doesn’t have any friends outside his college because of that. He only really fits in among fellow dramatics. Though he hasn’t seemed to realize that as he never stops trying to get along with whatever unsuspecting person comes his way.

Romeo is a pushover and virtually everyone who knows takes advantage of it. He never seems to mind, but that’s not saying much all things considered.

Adrian is a part-time worker at The Golden Rule Accessory Store. When you speak with him it is pretty easy to tell that he doesn’t seem like the type who’d work at a store like this, but he legitimately likes accessorizing and helping others find what works for them. Adrian is very polite though he can come across as uptight when you first meet him. He doesn’t mean to, however: Adrian is just completely socially clueless. He’s only able to understand if it is entirely literal. Body language, tone of voice, double meanings, etc. simply don’t register with him. You can tell he’s getting confused when he just starts smiling and nodding at nonsensical points in a conversation to try and pretend like he’s following.

He has a lot of difficulty remembering names and faces so, much to his embarrassment, he normally recollects people through accessories. Either the ones they already have or accessories he thought they should get.

Adrian is a well-known animal lover. He’s vegan and spends as much time as possible volunteering at various local shelters. He’s more comfortable around animals than other people. He also enjoys baking sweets, vegan only, naturally.

Fun Fact: Adrian thinks it’s very rude when people stretch in public.

(Why? Not sure, but it probably has something to do with armpits and personal space)

Kam Sung is a much beloved arcade worker. It’s not uncommon for people to come to the arcade just to see him. He’s friendly, positive, and seems to genuinely care about the people he interacts with. That draws people to him. He’s also rather cute, which doesn’t hurt.

Yes, indeed, overall Kam is a pretty swell guy. In fact, if you ask people to name something bad about him there’s just one thing they’ll bring up. Now a guy with only one noticeable flaw seems too good to be true, especially around these parts. But it is kind of a big flaw. The problem with Kam is that he’s… not smart. At all. To the point where it can be difficult to even carry a full conversation with him. He’s dense, easily confused, and very rarely has anything of substance to add. But, hey, at least he’s not a jerk.

It’s not hard to guess, but Kam is quite the skater boy. It’s his favorite pastime. His second favorite hobby is playing video games, though he only plays arcade and retro handheld games.

Says ‘yeah’ and ‘you know’ far more than one should need to. He also says things like they’re a question way too much.

Fun Fact: Kam’s favorite song is Barbie Girl by Aqua; he listens to it every day when he first starts skateboarding

(He doesn’t get the satire)