Initiative + Postcards

In order to gain some experience with ordering physical merchandise, we decided to make some special thank you postcards to give out to those who post their thoughts on the XOXO Droplets or A Foretold Affair demos. We’d really appreciate it if you took part in this temporary feedback initiative thing we’re doing!

Onto the details~

About the Postcards:

There are two designs for the postcards; one for XOXO Droplets and one for A Foretold Affair. Both styles of postcards have a special made-for-this-event piece of art on front and a cute/silly message written from the perspective of the protagonist from whichever game it is.

We can only send physical cards to those at least 18 years old and living in the U.S. If that’s not you and you still want to take part in this, we can send you a digital card instead. The digital card will have the special art and you can actually choose which character writes the thank you message! It could be your favorite love interest or whoever, just as long as it is a character from the game you played.

How to take part:

  • Get in touch with us through Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr before anything else if you’d like a physical postcard, that way we can make sure a card is set aside and available to be sent to you later on
  • Play the XOXO Droplets or A Foretold Affair demo from beginning to end at least once
  • Write up your thoughts, it can be a formal review or your emotion based experience or whatever
  • Upload it somewhere online where we and anyone else can access it
  • Mention that this is part of an initiative rather than an unprompted action and include a link to this post
  • If it’s possible to add tags where you’re posting; xoxodroplets, xoxodrop, afa, a foretold affair, and foretoldaffair are the tags we use for the two games
  • Allow us to mention/link to your review on our pages (mentioning that you’re taking part in this initiative will be considered giving permission to link your write-up)

After that, send us a message on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr with a link to your post. We’ll be happy to send our thanks once you give us an actual address or email address and, if you’re getting a digital card, letting us know which character you want to write the message.

You can download the XOXO Droplet demo here and the A Foretold Affair demo here!

Thank you very much ^3^~

Potential Question Answers:

How long will this initiative go on?

  • Until we run out of physical cards (I have 50 of each). Though, if people really enjoy this we may do a second print

Can I do this for XOXO Droplets and A Foretold Affair?

  • Absolutely

Is there a way to get a digital and physical card for a game or more than one digital card with messages from different characters?

  • There isn’t a set way we have in mind, but send us a message and we’ll try to work something out

When will I receive my physical postcard?

  • This will have to be answered on an individual basis. It may take us a couple days to be able to send it out and then it’ll be a matter of how far away you live. Feel free to send us a message about it

When will I receive my digital postcard?

  • Within a day or two of us confirming that we’ve seen your post and know which character you’d like the postcard to be from

I changed my mind about what card I want, can I have it changed?

  • Only if the originally chosen card hasn’t already been sent

Will you use my info for anything else?

  • No. It won’t be used to send you newsletters or anything like that. After getting you your thank you card, we will delete any sensitive info you shared with us

How long does my post need to be?

  • We suggest having it be at least a few hundred words long, but we’re super strict about it. As long as we get the sense you actually played the game, it’s good

Is there a format I should follow?

  • Nope. If you want to express your feelings with one long paragraph, or a video, or a series of tweets with screenshots attached, it’s all fine. In fact, we’d rather have variety in the types of feedback we get. Just remember to meet the requirements listed above

Where should I upload it?

  • It doesn’t matter too much. Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, a forum that has to do with these types of games, etc. As long as it’s not blocked from public view and it’s its own post rather. For example, if you leave a comment on the game’s download page saying what you thought, that won’t count

Does it have to be a really nice review to count?

  • Haha, nah. As long as it is respectful criticism rather than simply insults

I’m still not sure what to put/if my write-up will count. Now what?

  • Feel free to message us and we’ll give you advice based on your situation. We’ll also list some ideas on things to comment on below. You can reference that for ideas

Suggestions of things to include:

[You do not have to include everything on this list, or any of it really. These are just here to give people ideas on what they could write about]

·         Your very first impression

·         Which character(s) you pursued

·         How long you spent playing the demo

·         What you thought of the interface design, sound direction, character designs, etc

·         Any errors you came across

·         Favorite characters, scenes, music tracks, etc

·         Least favorite characters, scenes, music tracks, etc

·         How you found out about the game

·         What your initial expectations were

·         Whether it matched your expectations or not

·         Whether you’re interested in playing the full game or not

·         What you hope for in the full game

·         What you don’t want in the full game

·         Whether or not you’d recommend it

·         Things the demo could improve on

·         Screenshots of things you liked/didn’t like