Demo Event Guide + Tips

Please make use of this guide to get the most of your XOXO Droplets Demo experience~


Here are a few pieces of advice to make getting through the demo less of hassle, especially if you plan on playing through more than once.

-Don’t forget there is a tutorial.

  • On the main menu click the pink ‘More’ button
  • A new screen will open and the first option on the menu there will be the Tutorial
  • Click that and you’ll be asked to choose from a variety of topics
  • Click the one you want and tutorial will begin

-Take the Affection Point boost.

  • As soon as the main gameplay starts you will be asked if you want an Affection Point boost for all the main guys
  • Affection Points are required to get the date events with the main guys and there is no downside for taking the boost

-Turn off repeating events.

  • On the main menu click the pink ‘More’ button
  • From the next screen click ‘Event Settings’
  • On that screen you’ll be able to turn off certain types of events
  • If you’ve seen all the events of that type or there are events you just don’t care to see feel free to set them to ‘off’

-Set Waldo as your boyfriend.

  • On a Saturday or Sunday click the button of a simple drawing of two people
  • That will open an info box, read it or skip it
  • After you’ve closed the info box a new screen will open
  • On the new screen click the ‘Guy List’ button
  • Yet another new screen will come up
  • Scroll down until you see a button with the name Waldo W.
  • Click the Waldo button
  • The game will ask if you want Waldo to be your boyfriend
  • Say yes
  • As long as Waldo is your boyfriend you can’t get a game over

(You can still date the main guys even though you’ve got a boyfriend. It won’t work that way in the full version, but it’s convenient for the sake of this demo)

Event Guide:

There are over 70 events to see in the XOXO Droplets demo, but most of them do not happen automatically. In general, events have to be activated by doing something specific. This Event Guide details how to get every event included in the demo.

Prologue Events-

There are four prologue events. The first three happen one after another as soon as you begin the game. The fourth also happens automatically and occurs a little less than a week into the game.

Group Events-

There are six group events in the demo. All six will happen automatically on specific days. To see all of them you simply have to keep playing the game until the demo ends on January 27th.

Introduction Events-

There are two introduction events. These events introduce the side boyfriend options; Adrian and Kam. To see Adrian’s introduction event you need to work part time on the weekend at the accessory store doing either Task.

Kam’s intro event will happen automatically about a week into the game. In the full game you’ll have to meet a special requirement to get that event, but it would’ve been too challenging to meet that requirement in the demo so it happens automatically instead.

Work Conversations-

There are two work conversations for each main guy in the demo, so twelve in total. To see them you’ll need to work part time on the weekend and choose Task 1 at whichever location you’d like to work at. The first time you do Task 1 at a location you’ll the get the first work event with the main guy who also works there. Work at that same location and chose Task 1 four more times to get the second work conversation for the main guy who works there.

Side Conversations-

There are two side conversations to get with each of the eight side characters, so sixteen in total. The way you get these conversations is a little different depending on which side character it’s for.

Alicia and Missy; Sit with the girl on Mondays, she can be sitting in the cafeteria, courtyard, or classroom so check each of those areas until you find her. The first event happens the fourth time you’ve sat with her, the second happens the eighth time you’ve sat with her

Lynn; Attempt to sit in the nurse’s office on Mondays, he’ll send you back out to the selection screen in most cases. On the fourth attempt he’ll allow you to say, try four more times and he’ll let you eat there again

Shopkeepers; On the weekends choose to go out shopping and visit the shop they work at. Once you’ve visited four times a ‘…’ bubble will appear next to the character, clicking that will activate their side conversation. After the event is over the day will end, so do any shopping you want to do first. After you’ve seen the first event, visit four more times to get the ‘…’ bubble to appear again


It’s possible to visit one store up to three times in a single day, but visiting only counts towards the shopkeeper’s Side Conversation once per day. You could visit three different stores and get all three of those characters one step closer to unlocking a Side Conversations though.


Cala and Lynn have a short extra events that happen the very first time you stop by.

Right to Date Conversations-

There are six right to date conversations in the demo, one for each main guy. To get one of these events you’ll need to gain 150 Affection Points with a main guy and then call him on a Saturday. You’ll be asked if you want to ‘spend’ 150 Affection Points for the right to start going on dates with the guy. Spend the 150 Affection Points and you’ll get his event.


‘Spending’ Affection Points doesn’t mean the guy likes the MC less, it just means you can’t spend those points on something else, namely dates

Date Conversations-

Each of the main guys has three date conversation in the demo, so eighteen in total. To get a date conversation you first need to spend 150 Affection points to get their right to date conversation.

When the guy likes the MC enough that he’s willing to go on a date with her you’ll need some more Affection Points and, in most cases, some money. The dates in the demo cost between 70-100 Affection Points and 0$ or 10$. Dates at school locations are free, but anywhere else requires 10$. Each main guy has one free date and two that cost 10$.


In the demo only a handful of dates spots are available, much fewer than there will be in the full game. All but one of the locations are automatically available. In the full version most locations will have a specific requirement that needs to be met before you can take a main guy there.


The one date spot that needs to be unlocked is the Accessory Store. You unlock that date location by working part time on Saturday or Sunday at the Accessory doing either Task. The only boy who has a date there in this demo is Nate.

Outfit Conversations-

There are two outfit conversations for each main guy in the demo, so twelve in total. To get one of these conversations first you’ll have to get their right to date conversation, gain more affection, and have some money. At that point you’ll need to arrange a date at one of the locations that isn’t at the school.

During the date the guy will be wearing one of his casual outfits rather than his school uniform. A little ways into the date you’ll get the outfit conversation for the outfit the guy is wearing.

To get the first outfit conversation you need to arrange a date outside of the school during October or November. To get the second outfit conversation you need to arrange a date outside of the school during December or January. It isn’t possible to start dating in September.

Random Events-

There are five random events in the demo. Random events can activate on Tuesdays-Fridays. There’s no gameplay element that can force a random event to happen. If you really want one to occur that week you’ll have to save, play the week, reset if you don’t get one, and play the week again. Unless you use the save/reload method, you’ll generally see 2-3 random events playing through the demo from beginning to end.

Two of the random events include a choice menu. You are free to choose whatever option you want; it won’t have any effect on your Reputation or Affection. It will change what happens in the event though so feel free to try all the options.


Random events won’t start activating until mid-October.


One of the random events includes Adrian, the only character who is not automatically unlocked. If you want a chance to see that random event you’ll first have to meet him by working part time on the weekend at the Accessory Store doing either Task.

The Type Game-

The final event of the demo is a little preference quiz during a group meeting. It features nine questions and has 17 possible results. If there is an interest for it, I’ll make a guide to getting each of the possible outcomes.

Also, not really an event, but you will get a very small exchange with a main guy the first time you decide to sit with him during lunchtime on Mondays.