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The Main Character

[The player chooses their Normal society name]

Buffalo Seer is a driven, goal oriented individual. For most of their life their goal was to use their ability at least once. After that was achieved there was no plan, Seer simply expected to be satisfied with life. However, upon seeing what the future holds Seer immediately created a new goal, finding their future spouse. But then after finding them Seer decided they’d have to get married before they could be fully content. Once that inevitably occurs, who knows?

Within the group Seer is generally considered a liability, but not for lack of ability. Because Seer dresses in such an attention drawing way and sides with their future spouse in nearly every situation regardless of whether it is a good idea or not, Seer doesn’t often make the trip easier.

Seer has an odd habit of phrasing things in unnecessarily suspicious ways, that coupled with the way they dress causes them to come across as creepy within Normal society. Seer doesn’t seem to mind.

Not Pursueable

Trinette is the leader of a bounty hunting gang. The group is famous for its efficiency and willingness to work outside what is legal. However, lawlessness is the last thing you’ll find within the group itself. It is highly organized and functions essentially the way a normal business does. Every employee has a set wage, time off, health coverage, etc.

The reason this criminal gang functions this way is because Trinette’s background is mainly in finances. After working for many reputable companies she decided to start a company of her own. She chose a bounty hunting gang simply because it was a position that needed to be filled in the area.

If you can look past all her wrongdoing and not take what she does in her job personally, Trinette is a rather amiable woman.

Not Pursueable

The goons are just two of Trinette’s employees. Their actual names never come up. After all, they’re not paid to speak, so they rarely do. Despite their lack of words a touch of personality seems to come through from their facial expressions. The blue-haired one looks to get some pleasure out of their work, while the green-haired one seems generally joyless.

Trinette has everyone, excluding herself, in her gang wear a uniform and look as similar as possible to make it difficult for a specific crime to be pinned on a specific member of the group. These two are almost always at the frontline due to their especially similar appearances.

Fun fact that’s irrelevant to the game; these two are married.

[Pronounced ‘KAY’]

Future Spouse Option

Kea is a police officer who recently transferred to the capital of Vespen in order to work undercover. The job requires an officer to infiltrate a street gang that mainly recruits young teens off the street, hence the outfit they’ve got on. Kea was requested specifically due to their youthful stature and fitting personality, since in informal situations Kea is chatty, fast-talking, and can easily come across as rude or uncultured. While on the job Kea speaks and behaves (somewhat) more seriously.

They are the reluctant leader of the ill-fated adventure. The responsibility of managing others is brand new to Kea and they tend to come across as more of a worrywart and sort of a nag than a boss.

Despite technically being in charge, they are the black sheep of the group. While everyone else is perfectly comfortable bending or even out right breaking the law Kea is, naturally, not so keen on that. But, no matter how often Kea intentionally or accidentally isolates themselves from the others and how much they cause disagreements, they don’t actually want it to be that way. They’d like to get along with the team and have a positive impact on situations, it just seems impossible because of their position.

Kea’s skin tone is rather unusual. Skin colors are meant to be brown or tan with varying amounts grayness mixed in. Kea’s distinctly gray coloring only occurs from a certain type of skin pigment disorder. However, it’s not a terribly rare disorder and there are no negative health effects from having it so Kea doesn’t mind.

Future Spouse Option

Mapmaker and item collector extraordinaire Piper wouldn’t normally have a reason to be in the capital, however this is an unusual time for her. She is currently on hiatus. She chose to take a break because constant work had worn her down. Before she felt duty call and joined the adventure she had been spending her days wearing nice clothing and drinking tea while discussing good books with pleasant ladies. However, Piper has no intention of wasting time sulking over the loss of the last part of her time off from ruin trekking. In fact, she doesn’t seem to ever spend time being in a poor mood.

Piper could be considered second in command of the tiny team, or the true leader if Kea isn’t listening. Her decisions are often more appealing to the group than Kea’s and even when they aren’t she presents them firmly with solid logic making it hard to refuse.

Piper treats others in a friendly and casual manner but is nothing near an open book. She’s deeply enigmatic. Her courteous nature stems entirely from social obligations rather than genuine interest and that fact becomes rather obvious if you try speaking with her for any extended period of time.

Besides the moon and compass tattoos, she also has a sun and several star tattoos that are covered by her outfit. Speaking of, the outfit she wears now is not a great choice for a trip like this. However there are very strict guidelines when it comes to what is appropriate for certain genders to wear. Finding female classified pants on short notice is all but impossible and she hadn’t brought any of her own to this city because a dangerous mission was the last thing she expected to be doing.

Future Spouse Option

January is a man of massive importance and wealth in the region of Vespen, though only due to inheriting it. He has been the Duke of a significant family ever since his mother passed away a few years prior. That title is no longer bestowed and every other house in Vespen that had the title at one point has had the lineage die out. With an heirless only child as a Duke, January’s family is currently one step away from joining those other houses in being stripped of their clout. The weight of being the last true noble in the region has not been lost on January.

January lives on the surface and has only recently started making appearances on the land fractions. He is noticeably awkward in casual settings as he generally only has experience dealing with people in a business sense.

The entire point of the trip is escorting January to a safe house, so in that sense he is an important member of the team. But only in that sense. January isn’t allowed to do anything, much to his frustration. Because of his sheltered upbringing January has spent his entire life having people assume he’s useless or an easy target. It is unclear if the group thinks the same way or if they are simply overprotective.

Upon first meeting January he comes across as rather skittish. After Seer shows him his future he resolves to change the way he lives his life. From then on he begins to act more indignant and reckless. He is going to be a contributing member of the team, whether the rest of the group wants him to or not.