A Foretold Affair is a commercial steampunk-fantasy adventure VN being developed by GB Patch Games. It’s planned to release 4th Quarter 2016.

  • Approximately 10-15+ hours of playtime overall
  • 3 pursueable characters (one male, one female, one agender)
  • Pronouns for the MC are chosen by player (he, she, or them)
  • No game overs or incorrect choices, every option is worth selecting
  • Lite animations effects

The world of AFA includes steampunk technology and magic. The planet’s surface consists almost entirely of barren deserts and jagged mountains. Because of this the majority of the population lives on giant floating land fractions covered in plant life and with abundant water. The land fractions and the land beneath are divided into fifteen regions. A Foretold Affair takes place in one of the smaller regions called Vespen.

Other than by region, there is one more major way people are divided; whether someone is Normal or Abnormal. Each region has a ‘Normal’ and an ‘Abnormal’ society. The two groups keep themselves as separate as possible. Most Normals are not even allowed to know where Abnormal towns are located. The reason for this is because Abnormals have abilities that Normals do not.

Healing wounds, reading minds, and seeing the future are just a few possible abilities an Abnormal could have, though each Abnormal person only has one ability. In order to guarantee that no one has an unfair advantage and so Abnormal people aren’t used as tools, keeping the groups divided is mutually agreed upon by the leaders of both societies.


Buffalo Seer is an eccentric Abnormal with the ability to see the future. They’ve been living their life within an Abnormal Society, called the Walled Sanctuary, since they were a baby. While they generally can’t complain about their comfortable existence, Seer has one major issue in life: not being able to use their ability. Even within Abnormal societies future seeing is forbidden.

Despite endless warnings of the misfortune future seeing can cause, Seer could not be swayed and after many years of petitioning they finally gained permission to take a relatively brief look into their own future, with a few stipulations. The story begins as Seer sees some years ahead and gets a rather unexpected vision. Not only are they no longer within the Sanctuary, they’re married to someone they’ve never met.

After choosing to leave their home behind, Seer lies their way into a mission with a small bunch of Normals in order to be with the Normal they are destined to wed. Seer assumed everything would be alright after they found who they were searching for, but is quickly proven wrong. The journey is one disaster after another and trying to develop a long-lasting relationship turns out to be no simple task.

After only a few days the happy future Seer saw begins to feel farther and farther away.


We’re planning on releasing an initial demo on July 16th, 2016 and then a longer demo sometime after that, likely in August.